How to Find The Right Dog Boarding Facility For Your Pet

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If you are traveling and you have no other option but to leave your dog back home, it is a handy option to have a dog boarding facility that you can trust. Unfortunately, not all dog boarding facilities are the same. It is possible that your dog can get stressed and even get sick when you are gone. Here are some things that you should always do when you are trying to find the right dog boarding kennel.

Willing to give a tour

It is important that you are going to see the entire facility. However, for a lot of dog boarding facilities that are not confident at how they handle things, it is a common trend that they stop you from roaming around their facility. They’d tell you that it is their policy. This can already be a red flag since they are trying to hide something from potential clients. If you experience this, it is best that you stay away from this type of facility.

Observe the facility

There are many things that you can observe about the facility that can help you decide whether or not to take your dog to their facility. Unpleasant smells in the facility only mean that they are not following sanitary steps in handling the pets in their facility.

Also, it is best to ask what type of cleaning material they actually use. Do your own research and find out if these materials are actually pet-friendly. The last thing that you want is your pet getting sick from the cleaning agents used by the facility.

Stay away from pet boarding facilities that don’t ask for vaccination papers

Vaccination can help prevent the pet from getting sick. It can also prevent the pet from doing harm to other cats or dogs in the facility. A reputable and well-managed pet boarding facility will ask for the necessary vaccination paperwork. This only means that your pet has protection when entering the facility. And since the pet will be exposed to other pets, this kind of prevention should always be considered a must.

No emergency plans

It is important that the facility should have a protocol for the worst case scenarios. For instance, what if there’s an event of a fire? Do they have a protocol on how to evacuate the pets? Or what if there’s a medical emergency in the facility? What are the usual things that they do?

It is important that you ask what they usually do in these situations. In addition to this, make sure that you have an idea if there is always someone in charge 24/7 in their facility? Also, do they have surveillance systems that monitor different areas?

If you are going to leave your pet, keep in mind that it is already a stressful experience to your pet. The least that you can do is to make sure that the facility is safe. It is also important to compare at least three pet boarding facilities in order to have a benchmark on what to expect from these kinds of businesses.

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